Remote Monitoring & Management

Our remote monitoring and management service is an essential level of security that costs only $1 per month per computer. Once enrolled, you'll receive a 20% discount on any support hours needed during the month. By signing up, you'll also have peace of mind knowing that a Certified Information Systems Security Professional is ensuring that you're protected from the most dangerous cybersecurity threats. We'll ensure that your most vulnerable programs are up-to-date and have insights into your system to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

We have skilled Tech Orks who will safeguard your system against malicious attackers, reinforce the exterior wall, and ensure that everything inside the stronghold is in place for complete protection.

Our service extends beyond remote monitoring and management to offer advanced features like monitored antivirus, antimalware, firewall, encryption, and backup, as well as work-from-home options. We cater to single users, small businesses of any size, and can monitor various operating systems such as Windows, Macs, Linux computers, servers, and more. All of this comes at a low cost of only $1 per month per computer. Contact Tech Orks today for complete protection.